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Emilia Clarke talking about Game of thrones - season 4 [x]

Emilia Clarke for Flare magazine April 2014

"I like to take care of the cast. Everyone keeps calling me the Jewish mum, because I keep trying to feed everyone (…) I’m loaded like a pack horse full of treats every day, but I think they’re appreciated, you know? It’s nice to do stuff for people when everyone’s stressed out."

“You spend the entire time being like, ‘Can you CGI my heinie so it’s a little smaller?’ They’re like, ‘Do you want another dragon? Or do you want a smaller bum? It’s either/or, Emilia.’ Damn it. Go for the dragon.” — Emilia Clarke for the Rolling Stone

“My mom had rules when I was growing up: Don’t do drugs, don’t have sex, and don’t touch your eyebrows. So I got bullied as a kid for having ridiculous eyebrows.”

“between my beloved father, and my dragons; the person that you should be more alarmed at meeting would probably be uhm- yeah my dad. [laughs]”  - emilia clarke (gq january 2013)

“I keep asking to go out with the wig at night, but they insist there’s no way. They won’t let me go partying with it on! I would be killed on the spot. It’s silly to say, but when I take the wig off at the end of the day, I’m rather disappointed when I look in the mirror.”


                                          Emilia Clarke for GQ magazine 2013. (x)

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