Tell me I'm the wild one.
James Dean at the premier of Sabrina, 1954.

From the beginning of his career as a New York television actor, Jimmy received enthusiastic responses, even for his earliest roles. “You should read some of the letters I got,” he told Bill Gunn, “from old ladies watching television. They tell me about how they want me to wear tighter pants. They have this television club of ladies from fifty to seventy-five and they sit there checking the cats out, then write these dirty letters. Its really hard to believe.”

James Dean photographed by Phil Stern outside Schwab’s Drugstore, Hollywood, May 1955.

James Dean photographed by Dennis Stock, 1955.

James Dean photographed by Dennis Stock at the Sweethearts Ball at his old high school.

His face is so desolate and lonely and strange. And there are moments when you say, “Oh, God, he’s so handsome. What’s being lost here! What goodness is being lost here!” - Elia Kazan

The trouble is with me I’m just dog-tired, everybody hates me and thinks I’m a heel. They say I’ve gone Hollywood, but honest I’m just the same as when I didn’t have a dime. I went right into Giant immediately after a long hard schedule on Rebel. Maybe I’d just better go away for a while. - James Dean

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