Tell me I'm the wild one.

 Any dreams you have, or plans, or hopes for your future… I think you’re going to have to put that on hold. For the rest of your life you’re going to be looking over your shoulder. I’m just telling you this because I want you to know the truth. But the girl is safe.

The whole idea for this opening chase was, I called it “diver in the ocean of sharks”, that to do a car chase but you never leave the car. Essentially, you’re always seeing it from his perspective or his aura. A bit like when you would see a scene with a diver in the ocean, you would only see it from his point of view and then you knew the sharks was all around him and so you knew when they were gonna come. -Nicolas Winding Refn

In the elevator scene is where Driver realizes that the circumstances have led to this—they’re in an elevator and he knows what he has to do now, and he will lose her forever, so he kisses her goodbye, because he knows he now has to go to the dark side in order to protect her. -Nicolas Winding Refn

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