Tell me I'm the wild one.

Wanna fight?

Rousseau says, “If we assume man has been corrupted by an artificial civilization, what is the natural state? The state of nature, for which he has been removed? Imagine. Wandering up and down the forest without industry, without speech, and without home.” - Marie Antoinette, 2006.

I’m a guy of simple taste. I enjoy dynamite, gunpowder, and gasoline!”

“It was interesting because everyone I spoke to had a different perspective on James Dean. I think it is because he compartmentalized his friends so distinctly that everyone saw a different side of him. I often found that if people did not have that much personal information about James Dean, the experiences they had with him were mystical.”

Freedom, beauty, truth and love.

He’s my son and I should be around him. I wasn’t around my dad and look at the way I turned out.

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